Thursday, January 12, 2012

Creating a User Account, Setup telnet & Banner

Now we will create a user, before doing that we need to enter the command shown below.  This command will encrypt the password of the user being created, if not it will be shown in clear text

router1(config)# service password-encryption
Now I will create a username called bala
router1(config)# username bala password @ust!nlol
Now I will set the privilege level of bala
router1(config)# username bala privilege 1
Now we will strengthen the enable password to use MD5sum type 5 in other words.
router1(config)# enable secret T3stP@ssw06d
Now we will tell the router to always use type5 password by
router1(config)# no enable password
Now we will control from where Bala can connect from, I am going to use telnet for test purpose
router1(config)# access-list 1 permit
router1(config)# access-list 1 deny any
router1(config)# line vty 0 4
Now we are applying the STD access list to our Virtual Telnet lines.
router1(config-line)# access-class 1 in
Now we will also set the exec-timeout, so it will auto timeout if left unattended.
router1(config-line)# exec-timeout 5 0
Now we will apply this to telnet
router1(config-line)# transport input telnet
Now we will make it use of the local database of usename and password
router1(config-line)# login local
Now let us execute the same
router1(config-line)# exec
Now we will create a banner from Privilege exec level.
router1(config)# banner login #For authorized users only !!!#

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