Saturday, July 16, 2011

Importing Snapshots on VirtualBox

I had a laptop with a VM on VirtualBox. The VM had some 5 snapshots. I had
to format the laptop for some reason. So I just copied the VM directory. Now
I want to import it into my newly installed VirtualBox.

I am able to attach the harddisk to a new VM which gives me the last snapshot. Now I want to import my snapshots into it. I have a .vbox file which seems to have information about the snapshots in some XML format. Please help.

Did this in the terminal:

VBoxManage registervm /path/to/filename.vbox

This imported the VM complete with snapshots. :)


  1. Dude thanks for this I thought I'd lost a couple of days work on a VM.

  2. In Ubuntu 11.10 running Virtualbox 4.1.8, you can simply double click on the .vbox file and it will add it to the list of virtual machines.

    ~Kevin Straw, Onkoi Studios

  3. Worked on first attempt! Saved me a lot of trouble, thank you!!