Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flasm & Flare

Flasm can decode a swf file and Flare can decompile an action script.

remnux@remnux:~/Desktop$ flasm -d old/pages.swf
movie 'old/pages.swf' compressed // flash 6, total frames: 6, frame rate: 0.25 fps, 612x792 px
remnux@remnux:~/Desktop$ flasm -d jpeg.swf
movie 'jpeg.swf' // flash 4, total frames: 3, frame rate: 1 fps, 419x292 px

remnux@remnux:~/Desktop$ flare old/pages.swf
remnux@remnux:~/Desktop$ flare jpeg.swf

Need to do more work on flare, some one please let me know how to proceed with it.

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