Saturday, September 5, 2015

SED Kufu

This saved me from a boring task.  Here I tried to rename a bunch of files by removing some standard text and including leading zero to single digit file titles.

ls -ltrh | grep -o Java.* | sed -e 's/.*/mv_&" "&"/g' -e 's/ "Java Programming Tutorial/ "/g' -e 's/" - /\n"Java/g' | sed -E '/(mv_Java)/!s/ //g' | paste -d" " - - | sed 's/mv_/mv "/g'
sed -E "Would skip lines with mv_Java"
This would help add leading zero to single digits.
ls -ltrh | grep -o -P Java[0-9]{1}-.* | sed 's/.*/mv_&\n&/g' | sed -E '/mv_/!s/Java/Java0/g' | paste -d" " - - | sed 's/mv_/mv /g'