Friday, April 19, 2013

Startup script for gnome-terminal

Open up the start up script here over GUI here.


In that click on ADD and then

1. Give the startup script some name.
2. Give the command as shown

gnome-terminal -x /bin/bash -c "ls"

3. Give what ever comment you want to give and save it.

Next time you login with you credential, a gnome-terminal will pop out of nowhere and it will list all the files.  You can replace the list command with what ever script you want :-D

One more thing I did see the shell which gets spawned getting closed automatically,  In order to prevent that we need to exec bash as shown. Ref(

$ gnome-terminal -e "bash -c \"echo foo; echo bar; exec bash\""

We can also start many sessions in multiple windows with the following command

gnome-terminal --tab --title="Listing" -e "bash -c \"ls; exec bash\"" --tab --title="cat example.txt" -e "bash -c \"cat example.txt; exec bash\""

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