Sunday, September 9, 2012

Recover Ubuntu from initramfs

Today I powered up my Ubuntu 10.04 on my VM and all of a sudden it complained that it cannot load my OS and gave me (initramfs) prompt and I started searching on the net regarding the same, Many said that the grub may be at fault or the Grub does not know where to look for to mount the Root of the file system from.

I attached a LiveCD to my VM and went into try Ubuntu and once that opened I opened up GParted to see if the partitions are still in there.  I tried to mount the harddisk locally by clicking on Places and the harddisk.   It got mounted normally.  Then I rebooted the system and remove the Live CD in the process.  The VM eventually came back telling that there were some orfan inodes which if needed I can press "F" to fix I did that and the system rebooted once again and my Ubuntu on VM started working :-D  I know every situation may not be as lucky as this.

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