Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fixed DVD Driver not opening

Wow I have never removed almost all the components of a DVD drive and put them back togather to this extent.

LG DVD tray opening problem, It stopped opening even when I take a pin and push the pin hole.

Note:  I don't take responsibility if you break you DVD by following my steps.

Step1: Remove the drive from CPU by removing all the screws.
Step2: Remove Four Screws to remove the back plate of DVD drive.
Step3: Detach two sets of Ribbon cable from the main board and remove the board, be careful there are two more cable behind the board as well.
Step4: Now you can just see under side of the board where in two more cable are attached.  The smaller Ribbon cable will pop out as soon as you pull it, However the larger one is clipped down, we have to move the clip up before pulling the largest Ribbon Cable.
Step5: Remove the assemble which holds the Lens by unscrewing two screws towards the end of the box.  The other side is just held with Rubber which can be squeezed to pull them out.
Step6: Now remove the Plastic where the Rubber was attached to the Lens assembly.
Step7: Now remove the Tray by sliding it out,  Here I broke a small notch as I did not know how to remove it.
Step8: Now clean all the place where you see movement and I applied Lip Vaseline.
Step9: Do all the steps shown above in reverse :-)
Step10: You have now breathed new air into your old DVD which was about to be dumped :-D Hurray.

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