Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four Stages of DHCP capture by Wireshark

Today I thought let me investigate a little bit about the four process which goes into the DHCP request.

First is the DHCP Discovery, where the blind client sends out Broadcast.

Next packet we can see there is an ICMP echo request for an IP from the vmware to see if any client is using it.

It also tries to see if there is an ARP entry for it in the next two packets.  No reply comes back.

Now the DHCP server offers the client the IP from which no ICMP reply or ARP reply came.

Now we see that the client requests the server that it will use the IP address provided to it from the DHCP server.

The last step is where the DHCP server acknowledges the request.

After this if you see there is a Gracious ARP :-D

If there are any mistake do let me know.

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