Sunday, July 18, 2010

Active FTP and Passive FTP Demystified

I have uploaded the same video on Youtube it is way better in clarity :-D, Here are the links.

Active FTP vs Passive FTP Demistified Part 1

Active FTP vs Passive FTP Demistified Part 2

Active FTP vs Passive FTP Demistified Part 3


  1. Some one pls tell me how to upload clear Video, my pixels are 1200X800

  2. I found out the answer, Youtube solved my problem :-D I have added the links at the top of my screen.

  3. Hello Dude,

    Active FTP is better for the server side because by nature of how it works it only has to be concerned with allowing traffic to ports 20 and 21. This is can cause problems with the client side because they will send traffic to port 21 get an ACK back from port 21 but the following FTP data back will be from port 20 to a random high number port on the client and will seem like an outside source is initiating communication to something on thier internal network. Thanks a lot......

    Data Extraction